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2012 Newsletters

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Download January 2012 Issue

  • Association Anniversary

  • Bro Pro-File of Mike Templeton

  • Annual Holiday Party Held

  • Frank Arrington Honored

  • CA-TH Exec Pledge Breakfast

  • Coach Steve Fisher Speaks

  • John Rebelo in Hall of Fame

  • Young Alumni Network

Download April 2012 Issue

  • Founder’s Day Celebration

  • Bro Pro-File of Dick Lareau

  • 300,000 Badge Presented

  • New ESR, “Boomer” Ayers

  • New Ritual Robes

  • SDSU Athletics Dir. Speaks

  • SAE House Honor Wall

  • 3 Alumni to Chapter Eternal

Download July 2012 Issue

  • CA-CH Rechartering

  • Message from the ESA

  • Bro Pro-File of Frank Arrington

  • CA-TH House Plans

  • Life-Changing Trip

  • Sherrif Bill Gore Speaks

  • SDSU President Hirshman

  • Order of Minerva Award

Download October 2012 Issue

  • Are Fraternities Relevant?

  • Bro Pro-File of Gregg Doherty

  • CA-TH House Corp Award

  • ΣAE Restoration Society

  • The Power of Partnerships

  • SDSU Coach Rocky Long

  • Business Mentor Program

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