Bro Pro-Files: Greg Terrazas (CA-CH ’07)

When Greg Terrazas arrived at UCSD as a freshman in 2002, he wasted no time in finding a fraternity with which to affiliate. “I wanted the full experience and didn’t want to wait,” he said. “So I talked to a few other students about which fraternities had the best reputation, met with some of the ΣΑΕ (Cal Chi) Brothers and then went to a couple of their rush events. I pledged that fall.”

As an undergrad, Greg was his chapter’s rush chair and risk manager, as well as a delegate to the 2003 national convention in Cleveland.

He also joined the UCSD rugby team, which was a “club sport” at the Division 1 level. “I was curious about the sport and went to some practices,” Greg said. “I had no experience, but team members and coaches were supportive and willing to show the basics to an inexperienced freshman. I really liked the game, gradually improved and was on the team all four years at UCSD.”

Rugby provided a special bond, as more than 15 UCSD players were ΣΑΕs during that period. Their participation offered some comfort when the ΣΑΕ chapter lost its charter in 2005 (regaining it in 2012). “Being on the team was another way to stay connected with some of the Brothers.”

His rugby experience also inspired a special post- graduation plan. “For several years, three other Brothers who played rugby and I had been planning a backpack trip,” he explained. Upon graduation in 2007, they spent five months backpacking in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Morocco and Spain. “We stayed with some people we met along the way as well as at hostels and campgrounds. One of the highlights was a 30-day hike through the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas. We all got along well and it was a great trip.”

When he returned to the U.S. in June 2008, Greg considered looking for a job in the finance field, which he was interested in partially because of a familiarity with his parents’ professions. (His father was a loan officer and his mother was a CPA.) However, the economic crisis limited the opportunities. “There weren’t many openings then,so I decided to move to Vail Resorts in Colorado for the winter seasons. I taught slope cycle (scooter with bottom like a skateboard) and ski biking (a bicycle with mini skis) and later worked in the corporate office.”

Still interested in the finance profession, Greg relocated to Orange County two years later and began informally counseling some of his friends and family members. “I was upset that so many people had lost money or otherwise had problems and I offered some very basic suggestions, based on what I had learned from my parents, as well as various college/extension courses.”

He obviously was primed to start his financial services career and a return to San Diego, which he did in 2012. He joined Pollakov Financial and then Allen Financial Advisement, where he currently is a financial services representative.“My team and I provide advice for individuals, families and small businesses; helping them set and achieve their financial objectives.”

Greg definitely feels he made the right choice. “I get great satisfaction when clients see the return on their investments or accomplish other objectives, and by meeting such interesting people and developing great relationships.”

He also is busy in other areas—volunteering as an assistant coach with the UCSD rugby team and as a member of the UCSD Alumni Leaders Club, which organizes events for San Diego area graduates. In addition, Greg assists non-profit organizations, including the Jonathan Tarr Foundation that provides scholarships and other support to low income youth. “Our ΣΑΕ chapter did a lot of philanthropy and I’ve always been interested in giving back,” he said.

Of course, he finds time to keep in touch with his ΣΑΕ bros.“Some of my best friends are those from the fraternity and I am in contact with a lot of them. I enjoy attending the Association events and developing friendships with Brothers from other chapters.” ~ By David Robinson

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