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National to Host ΣΑΕ Leadership Event in San Diego

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

These are offered in the four ΣΑΕ districts, with the aim of creating excitement about the Fraternity, enhance networking among members, and develop leadership skills for members.

The Emerging Leaders Academies are an evolution of the programming offered at the John O. Moseley Leadership School. The new two-day intensive leadership event is both undergraduate and alumni emerging leaders. The new Emerging Leaders Academy programs provide members the skills and confidence needed to lead.

The Emerging Leaders Academies are an integral part of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s educational mission to impact a more significant number of brothers in their communities.

The Emerging Leaders Academies are designed to provide interactive and consistent education to a wide variety of members. Undergraduate and alumni participants will experience a series of workshops, expos, and keynote addresses. With an additional focus on personal leadership development, dressing for success, building your brand, and how our Fraternity values and ritual are reflected in everything we do.


The District Academies are based on Three Cores: Leadership, Networking, and Development.

  • Leadership - The opportunity to gain the skills necessary to succeed on campus, in your chapter and in your chosen field.

  • Networking - Learn from ΣΑΕ brothers across the realm. Network and share ideas with the Supreme Council, local and Province volunteers, and members Fraternity Staff.

  • Development - Expand your ΣΑΕ vision through interactive dialogue with brothers facing similar challenges, and work together to identify solutions and new opportunities.

Western District - San Diego, CA

October 4-5, 2019

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