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ΣΑΕ National Awards

Bill Fiscus Outstanding Area Alumni Association Award

This award recognizes the area alumni association that has made an outstanding contribution of time and energy in its respective geographical area. The winning and honorable mention association will exemplify consistent dedication in enhancing the fraternal experience for alumni from all chapters residing in the local area and, when possible, the undergraduates of the chapter or colony that may be located in the vicinity, as set forth in the Fraternity Laws. Its activities should also include events and efforts to keep and enhance friendships among alumni. A key factor will be its ability to increase participation of members as alumni in the Fraternity.


Outstanding Alumni Association Communication Awards

Alumni communication awards recognize groups that excel in communicating their messages to specific audiences. Certificates for these awards, winning and honorable mention, are given to  groups in each communications category, including; Printed newsletters, Electronic newsletters and Websites. Awards are given for content, design and layout; effectiveness of message; and production quality.

Outstanding Alumni Association Special Events or Project

This award is designed to recognize a particular event, or unique project conceived, planned, and implemented that has a direct impact on the association’s goals and enhances the reputation of the Fraternity.

Distinguished Service Award

Recognizing a lifetime of service and loyalty to the Fraternity, the Distinguished Service Award is the highest individual award a member may receive.  Receiving this award distinguishes him as a member deserving recognition above all others His actions exhibit their understanding of the Fraternity’s teachings, adherence to Fraternity Laws, attention to the promotion of its welfare and exemplary conduct that guards well its honor and high standing.

Order of Lion

The Order of the Lion recognizes outstanding commitment and loyalty to the Fraternity by an alumnus. The recipient must have demonstrated outstanding service to the Fraternity on any level for an extended period of time.

Order of Minerva

The Order of Minerva recognizes outstanding commitment and loyalty to the Fraternity by an alumnus over an extended period of time on various Fraternity levels. The receipient must have five years of significant service on the local, regional or national level or combination thereof in one or multiple positions (e.g. house corporation or alumni association officer, chapter advisory board, province officer OR long-term project, such as serving on an alumni commission). In addition, he already should have been awarded the Order of the Lion. This honor be recommended at any point in the alumnus' career, even within five years of graduation, if the contribution was significant as described.

Order of the Violet

This award is given to recognize outstanding commitment and support of the Fraternity by the spouse or significant other of an alumnus or undergraduate member over an extended period of time. The spouse or significant other must have shown commitment to the Fraternity and its mission through actions, support, involvement or volunteer effort, demonstrating loyalty and service to Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The Highest Effort (T.H.E.) Award

The Highest Effort Award recognizes the member who, through his professional success, has brought positive recognition to the Fraternity. By their example and achievement, recipients of this award exemplify the ideals of the Fraternity and “The True Gentleman.” The nominee must have made a significant contribution to various professional fields that brought positive recognition to the Fraternity. However, this honor does not require direct volunteer service to the Fraternity.

Merit Key

The second highest award an individual alumnus can receive, the Merit Key recognizes an alumnus who has demonstrated significant service and loyalty to the Fraternity on combined levels for an extended period of time. The nominee must have served ten years of sustained leadership in multiple positions (e.g. chapter adviser, alumni association officer, province officer and national committee member or Leadership School faculty.) However, if the service has been truly extraordinary, the strict ten-year requirement may be waived. The recipient also must have made significant contribution on national, regional and local levels. In addition, he already should have received the Order of the Lion and Order of Minerva.

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