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History of ΣΑΕ in San Diego: 1921 to present day


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 Click on the image above to view the ΣAE History Project

Once upon a time, a group of Brothers thought it was essential to create a documented history of our fraternity in San Diego. They began to scratch their heads, get out the old scrapbooks, contact old pals, research the internet, look over the photo albums, and dig into the archives of their Alma Maters.

You will see a broad overview of the highlights from 1921 to 2015: from the birth of Epsilon Eta to the formation of three chapters of ΣΑΕ - and much more. We encourage you to look way back and learn more about how ΣΑΕ has evolved in San Diego. As you’ll see, there are some great stories, and with your  help, we will be able to share even more.

Please tell other Brothers about the ΣΑΕ in San Diego history.

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