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Bro Pro-Files: BillL Marckwardt (CA-TH ’76)

Bill Marckwardt (CA-TH ‘76) and his wife recently hosted a group of young undergraduate brothers at their home for breakfast. It was a friendly gathering with a simple message – you have joined a lifelong brotherhood - you are an ΣAE for life.

More than likely, this was not the first time these young undergraduates heard this message since it is routinely stated in the Greek community, but it was likely shared by a very convincing messenger – because Bill Marckwardt is an ΣAE for life.

Bill was introduced to the fraternity at the young age of ten. No, he wasn’t a child prodigy, he was something better - a legacy. His older brother, Tom Marckwardt (CA-TH ‘66) introduced Bill to a variety of CA-TH actives including Dick Troncone, Bob Cleator, & Tom Gable. Greatly impressed with these gentlemen, Bill couldn’t wait to attend SDSU and join ΣAE fraternity himself. He rushed ΣAE his first semester on campus, and very much enjoyed his tightly bonded pledge class (Fall ’73).

He was a zealous undergraduate who lived in the house for two years and helped Mo Levich open the kitchen for regular meal service. Bill served as Steward, and went on to become the chapter’s Eminent Treasurer. Bill then even made a run at Eminent Archon. Bill remained engaged with the fraternity after graduation through continued visits to the House, and regular attendance at Founder’s Day. Bill joined the Alumni Association Board of Directors in January2014,servingasMembershipChair.Bothhis son, Colin Marckwardt (CA-TH ‘12) and his brother’s son , Hunter Marckwardt (AZ–AL) joinedΣAEaswell.

Looking back, joining ΣAE was one of the greatest decisions of his life. Not only did the fraternity produce lifelong friendships, but provided a unique opportunity in developing leadership and relationship skills. The fraternity provided an introduction to a diverse community of people who opened his eyes to the world and helped him develop from a naïve child to a well-grounded, confident adult. It was an experience that truly shaped his life.

Today, Bill is a Vice President at City National Bank resolving problem commercial real estate loans. He is a highly engaged community leader, serving for 15 years as a College Neighborhoods Foundation board member where Bill spearheaded both the Boulevard BOO! Parade and the annual Home Tour program. Drawing from a respected career in Real Estate and Banking, Bill has served as a guest speaker at SDSU’s Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate.

Of course, his love for the fraternity continues. Bill and his wife, Betty, host the New Members’ Executive Board Breakfast each semester, seeking to instill ΣAE traditions, history and structure.

Bill’s newest initiative is help organize ΣAE alumni/ undergraduate tailgate parties prior to Aztec football games at Qualcomm Stadium. He hopes this fun event will help bridge the generational gaps between the brothers and encourage young graduates to stay closely connected to the fraternity for life.

Phi Alpha. ~ By Ben Avey

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