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Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Mission, Creed and Ritual

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Mission, our Creed and our Ritual challenge each of us to strive for the highest standards.Towards these goals, and with our members’ valuable input, there are two driving principles behind the initiatives outlined and announced by the Fraternity on March 28, 2018. First, keep it simple. Second, ensure that our programs work together in a manner that drives meaningful personal growth and group achievement.

The initiatives are premised entirely on the feedback we received from literally thousands of our members through surveys and town hall discussions, direct undergraduate and alumni conversations, as well as related information provided by campus and medical professionals and supported by published research. In every respect, we listened to the issues and challenges facing collegiate fraternities today. These new initiatives are tailored to and centered around three core components: leadership, culture and environment.

To our members, thank you for the honest and direct communication on the issues facing Sigma Alpha Epsilon and other collegiate fraternities. More importantly, thank you for the ideas and suggestions you have shared with us that will contribute to our collective growth and excellence in the years ahead.We look forward to sharing more information on new programs and opportunities in the coming months.


Leadership begins with education, and education must start with a member’s first contact with ΣΑΕ and then extend throughout his life. We have heard from you that the True Gentleman Experience, or TGE, must evolve and it will, beginning with improvements to the 96-hour, bid-to-initiation program.

We will also dramatically expand in-person educational opportunities—both in number and frequency—and we will bring these programs closer to you.We will also refine our educational offerings to better reflect our Mission, Creed and Ritual.

Our goal with the new curriculum is to improve the quality of recruitment, better inspire our emerging leaders, drive excellence with our chapter officers, and work towards the improved health and wellness of every member.

We will create new opportunities for you to engage, track and measure success. We will recognize those men who show their commitment to our values at each step of the way, and we will reward chapters based on their members’ collective accomplishments.

These new educational programs will take time to launch, and we appreciate your patience. We anticipate a more comprehensive rollout in the months ahead with the first of these new resources available to you this fall.


The second core component is culture.We heard you ask the same question in many different ways:“How do we build a better culture?” As our Fraternity continues to experience behavioral issues, we know that we are not immune to the problems facing college campuses.We must do a better job.

We will begin by elevating the role of the Health-and-Safety Officer to the chapter’s Executive Board.The social chairman and anyone else involved in planning events and activities will report directly to him. In short, all events and activities must support the brotherhood and the health and wellness of our members and guests.

We will refrain from activities that involve alcohol during the first seven days of each academic term as well as the week prior and during final exams. This will give all of us an opportunity to reflect on our academic priorities, our Fraternity’s values, and strengthen our friendships in a meaningful way.


Given the challenges we face, how do we improve the environment across the Realm to better promoteΣΑΕ’s values? We asked brother after undergraduate brother, “What’s the root of the problem?” Nearly every time we heard you say,“Hard alcohol.”

Then we asked, “What’s the solution?” While we heard many different voices on this topic—some more extreme than others—the greatest consensus was to eliminate hard alcohol. We agreed. Beginning on June 1, 2018, at all ΣΑΕ facilities and at all chapter events Realm-wide, only beer and wine will be permitted. This includes those hosted by the national fraternity. *

Like so many of you told us, we want ΣΑΕ to be known and appreciated as something more valuable than a drinking club.We have all seen the news stories in recent months, and we all agree that nothing is more valuable than human life and the well-being of our brothers and guests.

These new initiatives reinforce our shared values, those upon which ΣΑΕ was founded. It is important that we all come together as we work to improve our leadership, our culture, and our environment for the generations that follow.

Please realize that there is much work ahead as we roll out these new initiatives.We ask for your patience as programs and resources are developed and refined. However, please rest assured that your Fraternity, including the Supreme Council, remains committed to ensuring a positive experience for all of our members premised onΣΑΕ’s Mission, Creed and Ritual.

If you have any immediate questions about these new initiatives, please contact your District Manager or Coordinator of Chapter Development at the Fraternity Service Center, or email us at

* Editors Note: Only beer and wine will be permitted:

  • At Fraternity events or activities where undergraduate members are present.

  • In fraternity-related facilities including ancillary facilities (satellite houses) and third-party venues.

  • Alumni and/or parent events that include undergraduate members.

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