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Voice of the Eminent Supreme Archon

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The 163rd Anniversary Convention was held this past June in Louisville, Kentucky. At the closing banquet, I had the opportunity to share a vision for the next biennium. In simple terms, our goal is growth and growth has many meanings. It’s not just about expansion or recruitment, although that certainly is important. It’s also about building on pro- grams and services already in motion so they can take root, and provide on-going opportunities to our members and be a valuable part of our future. Growth can also be about who we are as brothers, and how we utilize the True Gentleman as our guide to daily life, and how our words and actions reflect on Sigma Alpha Epsilon. So how do we grow? We start with what’s in front of us.

We have accomplished a great deal over the past two years and the Fraternity and Supreme Council are grateful for the leadership of Brother Tom Dement as our Eminent Supreme Archon. We believe the groundwork set forth in the areas of education and communication are on a very positive path forward. We are grateful to the professional staff and our many, many volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Over the next two years we remain focused on the steady implementation of our expanded educational programs and services. Many of those are already mov- ing forward and there are more to come. We are excited about the increasing engagement of our members through therecordonline.net and the results occur- ring with our new brand message and identity, and we are excited about the recent release of our new website to make accessing ΣΑΕ information and resources easier for everyone.


ΣΑΕ has been a leader in the area of Fraternity Leadership education since John O. Moseley famously said, “We have a schoolhouse, now we need a school.” In the 83 years since, ΣΑΕ has been providing quality educational programming to our members. The world has changed and how we communicate has also changed in both style and speed. Our upcoming programs recognize these facts, so while we celebrate our past, we are taking what we have learned, tailoring it to today’s world, and extending our reach to undergraduates and alumni alike. Because together, we can challenge ourselves to rise to new heights of achievement, seek fresh opportunities, and strive always to be True Gentlemen.

In January 2019, we hosted the first Executives Academy, with 350 plus students and advisors. Officer tracks included, Eminent Archons, Recruitment Chairmen and Health and Safety Officers. In January 2020, the Executives Academy will move to Phoenix, Arizona. This will allow us the opportunity to add Eminent Deputy Archons, Eminent Treasurers, Member Educators, and more Advisors to the program. It will be held at the Sheraton Grande at Wild Horse Pass on January 3–5, 2020.

In March 2019, we unveiled our new Emerging Leaders Academies. For decades, brothers have talked about how valuable it would be if we could reach more students and alumni and do so more frequently at less cost. Delivering these programs regionally provides that opportunity. The first Academy was held March 29–30, 2019, in Evanston, Illinois with the focal point of the experience occurring in the Levere Memorial Temple and on the Northwestern University campus. We added two more of these programs in the fall of 2019, one in Washington D.C. on September 27–28, 2019 and the other in San Diego California on October 4–5, 2019. Then in the spring of 2020, we will host two more, one in Dallas, Texas and the other in Evanston. As these programs take root, we are also able to offer more opportunities for volunteerism and support in facilitating these programs.

This fall, we will begin more substantive work on ΣΑΕ’s New Wellness Initiative. This is a program that I am very excited about. It will focus on personal health and wellness. The program is being designed to support our brothers of any age and any generation, and will focus on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and nutritional wellness. Our goal is to bring together our brothers of every generation to learn and support one another in our quest to be healthy True Gentlemen.

These programs along with the on-going success of the Ritual Academy, hosted at the Levere Memorial Temple and scheduled again for July 24–25, 2020, will have the potential to reach thousands of our men each year as opposed to only hundreds.


The Greek community faces challenges and in a period of declining college enrollment in traditional four-year institutions, that can impact ΣΑΕ, just as it does other fraternities. Many of you have heard Brother Dement say “ΣΑΕ is not the best because we are the biggest, we are the biggest becaus