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Voice of the Eminent Supreme Archon

Greetings Brothers,

As members of this great Fraternity, we all know that, since our inception in 1856 on the banks of the Black Warrior River, our fraternity, as our Mission directs us, has been built on the foundation of setting the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service throughout our entire lives. What does it mean to set a higher standard? Why is it important for members to understand the purpose of our organization? A mission is the foundation or duty signed to individuals to fulfill through actionable tasks. Our Mission Statement outlines our existence as a fraternity and, as a member within it, we must aim higher than the minimal standards. Whether in our academics or hours of service, or by serving as a chapter advisor, house corporation officer, or a Province Archon, we should always maintain a high bar and stay above the status quote in all aspects of our beloved fraternity. We lead the way in all areas of our lives while remembering that the expectations of membership stay with us always, not just for our undergraduate years.

Within the first year of our two-to-vie0year vision, we see phenomenal results as we focus on growth and expansion. Over 4,500 newly initiated members have joined ΣΑΕ, and these outstanding young men are making communities stronger as they begin the lifelong journey toward becoming True Gentlemen. We presented the 350,000 membership badge to an undergraduate brother at Montana State University; our fundraising efforts with the Foundation continue to surpass all goals; and, this academic year, we reinstated chapters on eight campuses where ΣΑΕ once existed.

As I look to the second half of this biennium and the future of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I see our fraternity continuing to become stronger and more visionary than ever before. Achieving and exceeding all the goals we have set will require us to reimagine the fraternal experience and take advantage of opportunities in today’s modern world. We must honor our promise to cherish the past while simultaneously embracing the future. The Supreme Council and our Fraternity Service Center Staff remain steadfast in our mission to move this fraternity forward and create influential future leaders. Our Founding Fathers build a foundation that for generations has revolved around a set of core principles. These principles have shaped, guided, and taught us what it means to be a gentleman, a leader, and a pioneer.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon as a whole must be focused and intentional about what we do and how we make our global communities better. So again, how can we continuously maintain and exceed the ambitious standards we have set for ourselves? Ultimately, it is about involvement; get involved, be involved, and STAY involved throughout our lifelong membership. Together, let us roll up our sleeves and do the work needed to lead ΣΑΕ into an astonishing era of growth, expansion, leadership, and innovation!

Phi Alpha!

Mike Corelli (Northern Illinois ’01)

Eminent Supreme Archon

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