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Brady Hoke Luncheon

San Diego State Head Football Coach entertains brothers with news and insights for the upcoming season.

Coach Brady Hoke joined us on August 17, 2023 at San Diego Yacht Club to discuss his team and gave us some insights into what to expect in the upcoming season. A great crowd was on hand to enjoy Hoke's candor. It was a picturesque afternoon at SDYC, and there was a lot of energy in the room. Hoke discussed everything from players and coaches to the continuing saga of conference realignment. He had an iron clad focus on the upcoming Ohio game (August 26th at Snapdragon Stadium). He expects Ohio to be a tough opponent and reminded us that they beat SDSU soundly in the Frisco Bowl in 2018 (27-0),

Hoke recalled that his last visit to a SAE Alumni Luncheon was several years ago when he spoke at Cal Theta. He said he always liked SAE going back to his collegiate days at Ball State. He was a Phi Delt "for a very short time", but they were neighbors with the SAE chapter, and he said they were good guys and well respected on campus.

We had a lot of back and forth with Brady, and we rejuvenated our friendship with him and look forward to seeing him again next year. A crowd of almost 40 was on hand, and we had several actives from Cal Theta there. We will continue our efforts to include undergraduates from SDSU and CSUSM at our future events, as they enjoy meeting the alumni and vice versa. Next on the schedule will be our annual Coach Dutcher Luncheon in late October to early November (date TBD). Keep your eye out for date and time, as Dutch will be a big draw and we will be at maximum capacity for this one!

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