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Amy Roderick, Drug Enforcement Administration Speaks at Luncheon - by Gary Keehner

One of our countries greatest challenges is the subject Special Agent Roderick spoke on February 1st – “Opioids:The Largest Current Addiction Problem in the U.S.”

At the San Diego Yacht Club in the beautiful, nautical Frost Room, forty-two Bros learned many startling facts about the vicious addiction cycle starting with “normal” prescription pain management with opioids and progressing to heroin [Mexico] and fentanyl [China] dependance. The Chinese production of fentanyl which is incredibly powerful and very dangerous to the user is also an issue with our trade policies with China.The epidemic is no longer just associated with the “drug scene” but affects all income levels from blue collar workers to professionals in all areas and all age groups from teenagers to senior citizens. The Center for Disease Control says as many as 90 people die every day because of opioid addiction. It can start with a “simple” surgery pain management and progress to addiction and death. Unfortunately, this is largely a U.S. problem as we consume almost 100% of the world’s total of Vicodin and over 80% of Percocet.

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