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Annual Fraternity Awards Announced

Updated: Jul 29, 2019


The annual Fraternity Awards competition recognizes individuals, chapters, house corporations, and alumni associations for their outstanding efforts to advance the mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

In June, the winners of the Alumni Awards were announced. The San Diego Area Alumni Association was recognized for the following award.

Bill Fiscus Outstanding Area Alumni Association

  • Runner-Up: San Diego Alumni Association

This award recognizes the area alumni association that has made an outstanding contribution of time and energy in its respective geographical area.


With the long-time dedication of our members, this has been and continues to be a thriving Association. We are blessed to have so many active members who embody “ΣΑΕ for Life” allowing us to build through younger membership.

Outstanding Alumni Association Website

  • Winner: San Diego Alumni Association

This award recognizes groups that excel in communicating their messages to specific audiences.

The San Diego Alumni Association has always prided itself on its organization and communication. Our goal is to increase the association’s visibility in San Diego and outward across the realm in hopes that brothers in our area will find us and chose to become involved.

Outstanding Alumni Association Special Events or Project

  • Winner: San Diego Alumni Association

This award is designed to recognize a particular event, or unique project conceived, planned, and implemented that has a direct impact on the association’s goals and enhances the reputation of the Fraternity.

Our most significant contributions to the undergraduates are our Annual Leadership Transition Forum - a half-day gathering of incoming and outgoing executive officers from three local chapters. Breakout sessions are held for each administrative position. An alumni facilitator helps navigate through the breakout. The purpose is to discuss best practices while fostering networking amongst the officers.

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