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April Luncheon w/ Ryan Thorsen

The Quarterly 2022 Alumni Luncheon was held at the Cal Theta chapter house for the first time since 2010 (when Brady Hoke spoke during his first tour as head football coach). Ryan Thorsen (Fall ’06), the new owner of Mister A’s restaurant at the ripe age of 34, attracted a packed house evenly split between 37 alums and a like number of actives.

The enthusiastic engagement between the groups was genuinely gratifying. This was an event for the history books. The actives were mesmerized by the incredible success of this young past EA, whose assertiveness, confidence, astuteness, and nimbleness guided him to where he is today. Ryan discussed how Mister A’s would temporarily close for weeks this summer for an extensive remodel, greatly expanding the bar area and updating the motif. Ryan pointed out that Mister A’s is lower-priced than his higher-end restaurant competitors (despite general perception) yet offers an unsurpassed view. Revenue is at an all-time high due to his superior management skills.

Many thanks to Cal Theta House Corp President Gary Losey, who oversees all kitchen operations. A fabulous buffet meal of BBQ tri-tip and chicken was lip-smacking delicious. Gary and chapter advisor Bill Marckwardt presented outgoing EA Riley Wagstaff with an Outstanding Achievement Award for his incredible job this past school year. Greek Life recognized Riley as the top president of all Greek organizations (including sororities) and presented Cal Theta the Brotherhood Award among all fraternities.

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תגובה אחת

חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
06 במאי 2022

Congratulations SAESD Alumni Board and other contributors! Great to read about Ryan's success after his time at SDSU. I have always enjoyed his friendship.

𝚽𝚨 to all the Brothers!

John McMullen, CATH '70

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