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Association Membership - 2022

The San Diego Area ΣΑΕ Alumni Association was officially formed on January 26, 1932, by a group of ΣΑΕ brothers from various chapters throughout the realm. To commemorate the founding of the Association, we have created and manufactured a custom challenge coin for association members. As the President's Letter mentioned, the Association Board decided to forego the traditional membership levels (Basic, Century, Lion, and Minerva) for 2022. Rather than memberships, we have created a "Phi Alpha Fund" for Brothers to support the Alumni Association. The Association will continue to award scholarships to local undergrads to attend the National Leadership School in August and subsidize the cost of various gatherings for the active chapter Brothers in the area.

All Brothers who contribute to the Phi Alpha Fund by May 31, 2022, will receive the highly sought-after challenge coin.

Please contribute as you are able.

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