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August Luncheon with Ted Leitner

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

A full house of brotherhood attended our summer luncheon at the San Diego Yacht Club to eagerly listen to “Uncle Ted” Leitner on August 18th.

Of course, Ted was fashionably late to ensure a grand entrance. It sure was great just to hear his voice. For those of us who haven’t known Ted personally throughout the years, we were incredibly enlightened by his presence and delivery.

Ted is a deeply emotional and caring person who focused much of his talk on his long and close personal relationships with former sports announcers Jerry Coleman and Vin Scully. He told many stories from his past experiences, including a few off-color jokes made possible by the homogenous composition of his audience.

We learned he is not politically correct, which drew applause several times. Ted seemed to enjoy himself and kiddingly hinted he was a bit insulted not to have been invited to speak to SAE years earlier (especially when he found out we were regularly graced with Coach Dutcher).

Ted recently toured the new Aztec Stadium and stated, of course, it is “unbelievable” and more of a performing arts center due to the intimacy of its design.

He is MC for the stadium ribbon-cutting on August 19th. Ted believes the Aztec football team will be very good this year and the basketball team even better.

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