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California Theta Class of 2022

The graduating class of 2022 will be very special to my life story. Coming into school in 2020, Covid-19 restrained my fellow brothers and me from finding new groups of friends at San Diego State University. California Theta opened its doors to 40 other new members and me. Seeing this group of men allowed me to find a sense of camaraderie, philanthropy, and family.

I wish the best for the future of these young men as they have impacted my life just as much as I hope to do for future brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Front Row: (Left to Right) Jackson Flacker, Brandon Morgan, Matin Shayan, Jake Somers Back Row: (Left to Right) Josh Jossart, Jake Goldberg, Sean Powers, Ethan Jajonie, Gavin Navarro, Bryce Frisbee, Brett Aspacio, Charles Black, Jake Ducharme, Parker Williams, AJ Stefano, Michael Moran, Will Schnall, Bobby Houser, Nicholas Miller, Jason O’Hara, Josh Pederson, Thomas Bercham, Jack Hansen, Joey Brown, Sam Geiser

Phi Alpha to the Class of 2022.

Caeden King

2022-2023 California Theta EA

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