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Career Days

Professional Networking and Career Guidance are among the four mission pillars of the San Diego Area ΣAE Alumni Association.

We also aim to assist active chapter Brothers with professional networking and career guidance. To that end, we are creating a Career Days initiative.

If you would be willing to give back to the younger generation of ΣΑΕ Brothers joining the workforce, we ask you to consider responding to the Association's career resource database. By agreeing to share career information, your name, email address, and area of career experience will be available to the ΣΑΕ Brothers that attend the Career Days Forums hosted by the Association.

The first Career Days will take place with the local California Theta ΣΑΕ Chapter at San Diego State University. Our objective is to focus on one career area each semester.

You may be contacted by a local active chapter Brother interested in your experience and perspective on this career choice. There will also be opportunities for a select number of Alumni Brothers to participate in the Career Days.

We have had over 50 Alumni Brothers contribute to the initiative. If you would like to please go to

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