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October Luncheon - Coach Dutcher

It was an oldie but goodie guest speaker at the October luncheon down at the San Diego Yacht Club. Aztec basketball coach Brian Dutcher has spoken to our group before, but always has something new and exciting to talk about, and we love it.

This year he spoke about his new team and now red hot Aztecs. The squad is a little bit older this year with mostly talented transfer students, including Malachi Flynn from Washington State, and Yanni Wetzell from Vanderbilt.

Dutcher also shared fond memories about his time with legendary coach Steve Fisher and everything he learned in his several years of coaching. One of his most exceptional talents is recruiting. Dutcher was able to snag former Aztec star Kawhi Leonard who has now earned two NBA Finals MVPs on two different teams.

Dutcher was also able to recruit this talented roster, which has started 12-0 this season; is one of only three undefeated teams, and has the #1 NCAA Men’s Basket NET Ranking; #14 USA Today Coaches Ranking; and #15 Associated Press Ranking.

We wish coach Dutcher and the Aztec basketball team the best of luck this season and can’t wait to see them win the Mountain West Conference and go dancing into the March Madness tournament.

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