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Updated: Jul 29, 2019


It is hard to believe we are in the second half of 2019. So much has happened since the year began. Even though we have had some ups and downs this year, the first half has been a success with two well-attended Brews with Bros events, a well attended Founders Day Dinner, and of course the Rocky Long Luncheon in April. We are also looking forward to having Padres Color Commentator Mark Grant join us in early August and Coach Brian Dutcher in the fall. As you will read in the following article, this past June was the 163rd Convention of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It was A treat to be able to represent our association and all of you in Louisville, Kentucky. As many of you were updated through the National office, the San Diego Area Alumni Association was once again awarded top Alumni Association Website, top Special Projects or Event for our annual Leadership Transition Forum, and was runner up for the Bill Fiscus Outstanding Alumni Association Award.

As competitive as we all are, some might be disappointed with being runner up. I too would have preferred to have been selected as the top alumni association in the country. That said the association who did win the Bill Fiscus Outstanding Alumni Association Award was a well-deserving group out of Phoenix. A few years back, the Phoenix Alumni Association had reached out to our association, asking for guidance as to how we are structured and what programs and events we provide our alumni and undergraduate members. Former Association Secretary Michael Templeton (OH-EP ‘63) graciously worked with the brothers of the Phoenix Alumni Association over time. Having a chance to review their application for the award, it is easy to see that they are structured very similar to our association. In the end, brothers helping brothers has always been a theme of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Brother Templeton should be applauded for his help in the rise of another strong alumni association.

It is imperative for the health of our fraternity that there are strong alumni associations across the realm that not only provide an avenue of ΣΑΕ to their alumni members but also provide help and support to their undergraduate chapters. We are fortunate to be members of one of the strongest alumni associations in the county, and it is no surprise that we have three solid chapters here in San Diego. That, of course, could not be possible without the time, energy, and financial support of all of you, year in and year out.

I am pleased to report that membership renewals for 2019 are at an all-time high. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to re-pledge your commitment to ΣΑΕ. Some of you recently received a letter from Association Membership Chair Bill Marckwardt (CA-TH ‘76) reminding you to renew your membership for 2019. I want to thank those who chose to renew after receiving Bill’s letter. For those of you who have yet to renew, I urge you to do so. Your support is so important and vital to the mission of our association and to the programs and support we provide. With our revamped website, it is easier now more than ever to renew your membership securely online. Visit and select what level of membership with which you are most comfortable. It truly makes a difference.

In the end, our future in San Diego looks bright. Your board will continue to work hard to ensure that ΣΑΕ in San Diego is a success. I thank them, and I thank you for making that possible.

In the bonds,

Adam Porter

President, San Diego Area Alumni Association

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