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President’s Message

Last month we lost a Lion in the passing of Brother Dick Troncone. We have had many great SAEs leave us for Chapter Eternal over the years and even recently, but the loss of Dick is an exceptional blow. Dick has meant many things to many SAEs over the years and not just brothers who call San Diego home. He was a friend, a brother, and someone who could be fiercely relied upon.

If you have been with our Association for any length of time you have watched it grow to what it is today. It goes without saying, and hopefully recognized by you, that we are spoiled and all the more fortunate to have this thing of ours. We should be proud to know that our Association is looked at as one of the few model associations in the realm.

Dick undoubtedly was the architect who spent countless hours working to provide an environment that allows for us all to gather and joyfully remain SAEs while we move farther and father away from our collegiate days. Dick of course did not do all of this alone and he would humbly admit today that many of you helped provide input and your time towards improving and growing the Association. If time was on his side I know he would have taken the opportunity to thank all of you.

When Dick retired from active duty as our President in 2016, he would say that he was proud to do so knowing that there was a great group of alumni in place to continue on. Even though he made hints that it might be beneficial for him open up his board seat for another brother he knew that we were not going to let him step down. Dick’s presence was always welcomed as he gracefully allowed the board to maneuver providing guidance without holding on to his former role.

Though Dick will be remembered for so many things spanning multiple decades, how he conducted himself towards the end of his life will undoubtedly add to his legacy.

For us, we owe it to Dick to continue his work which we have been. As it is sad that we have lost such a dynamic person and friend, Dick without question would not want us to mourn and retreat, but rather move as he would say “Onward and Upward”. Through each of us, we will continue to gather and grow our Association keeping the torch burning for Brother Dick Troncone. It is the least we can do.

In the bonds,

Adam Porter

President, San Diego Area Alumni Association


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