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Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio (Retired) “America and the Great Power Rivalries”

By Bob Poulsen

    “Without getting political” was a phrase used often by an expert in military strategic planning when discussing the international situation before an enthusiastic group of 32 brothers including 3 actives at a luncheon at the San Diego Yacht Club on October 30, 2018. Also, we were joined by Ben Johnson[CA-PSI ‘87] who is a founding father of the UC Irvine chapter. Ben is now running for Eminent Supreme Chronicler and is being supported by our board for this prestigious position. Good luck Ben! Those in attendance had the privilege of learning a global approach to current events from Vice Admiral (VADM) Charles W. Martoglio, U.S. Navy [Ret.], who masterfully detailed U.S. relations with other nations, especially China and Russia, by citing facts “without getting political.”

    The Brothers and guests were treated to a basic lecture, one which perhaps could benefit modern politicians now in office, about problems now facing different countries as they pertain to how the United States proceeds in the early 21st century. For instance, Admiral Martoglio noted how China must handle the results of its “one-child-per family” decree by 2030 because all those “only children” will be retiring and there will not be enough younger workers and professionals to replace them. Such a situation has the Chinese rulers worried, so there is now an enormous push by them to prepare for that potential crisis. It also presents a warning to the U.S. regarding in what manner to strategically plan in advance how it will contend with that state of affairs. Again, Martoglio did an excellent job of specifying this problem objectively without approaching it from a politician’s angle.

     A spirited question and answer session followed this enlivening talk and many of the Brothers noted upon leaving how this was one of the best luncheon speakers presented in recent years.

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