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Voice of the Eminent Archon - CA-Theta

Over the past three months at Cal-Theta, we have seen a gradual and steady return to normalcy. These past two years, there was a lot of uncertainty within the fraternity and on campus. As we approach the end of the academic year and carve paths for new members and new executives, I would like to share some of the unique occurrences that made this year special.

Coming into this year, Cal Theta was amid a suspension in abeyance term that tried to set us back as a chapter. The Brothers rose above raising upwards of $7,000 for numerous charities such as The Amazon Conservation Society, focusing on preserving the Amazon Rainforest and all of its wildlife in the face of adversity. As well as “WeenDream” which helps ensure less fortunate children have Halloween costumes and participate in Halloween activities.

Our chapter had the highest term Grade Point Average of all Inter-fraternal Council chapters.

These accomplishments were personal goals of mine as Eminent Archon of Cal Theta. A focus on scholarship and philanthropy were two of many ways I saw us traversing the suspension and coming out of it as better men both in the chapter and within the San Diego State community. With the new class of members that we have had the pleasure of educating and guiding, our chapter is undoubtedly in good hands for the foreseeable future. Our recruitment was strong, and we did not suffer any setbacks in our new member process.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the sheer strength and determination it took from all of our members to make this year possible. Without our teamwork, I can’t say where our chapter would be.

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